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Senior Radio Firmware Engineer



This job is no longer accepting applications

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Athens, Greece
Posted on Monday, January 29, 2024

Job Purpose and Dimensions:

  • Specify, develop, test, and maintain the low-level firmware drivers that abstract a consistent, future-proof, and well-documented interface to the radio of Renesas wireless SoCs, throughout the complete IC development cycle.
  • Closely follow standardization efforts and translate existing and roadmap radio PHY requirements into highly efficient firmware solutions, in order to provide Renesas a competitive advantage in the IC market.
  • Contribute to shaping the future of Renesas wireless products.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Specify, implement, test, and maintain the radio low-level firmware drivers for wireless SoCs.
  • Translate complex radio PHY standardization specifications, like the “Channel Sounding / High Accuracy Distance Measurements” specification from SIG, into optimal firmware solutions.
  • Translate customer proprietary PHY requirements into radio firmware that optimally utilizes the software-defined features of Renesas radios.
  • Fine-tune the firmware for optimal performance, energy efficiency, resource utilization, and reliability.
  • Contribute to the integration of the radio low-level drivers into wireless protocol stacks.
  • Develop and maintain radio low-level firmware for IC simulation, production test, lab evaluation, qualification, and characterization.
  • Implement and maintain automated regression tests for the radio firmware.
  • Troubleshoot firmware/software and architectural issues.
  • Create and maintain documentation and Application Notes.
  • Schedule own tasks, report progress to project leader, identify possible project issues.
  • Work closely across teams and contribute to datasheets, architectural specs, and development plans for new designs.

Requires Qualifications

  • 5 years of industry experience in Embedded Software for ARM or DSP cores.
  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or another related field.
  • Background in highly resource-constrained, real-time, embedded environments.
  • Solid C and Python Language skills.
  • Experience with Assembly Language for at least one microcontroller family.
  • Experience with software engineering processes and the full software development lifecycle, including requirements, design, implementation, testing, and deployment.
  • Experience with version control systems, e.g. Git.
  • Proficiency with electronics bench test equipment, e.g. logic analyzers, debug probes, oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers.
  • Proficiency in problem-solving and debugging skills.
  • Eagerness to contribute new ideas, build consensus, and drive tasks to completion.
  • Desire and mental agility to quickly understand new ideas in novel domains.
  • Excellent team working skills, multi-disciplinary focus.
  • Talent for clearly communicating challenging technical subject matter.
  • Fluent in English language (written and oral).


  • Knowledge/experience in any of the following fields is an advantage: low-level drivers, low-power wireless protocol stacks (Bluetooth, Thread, Zigbee etc.), MAC and Physical Layer (PHY) techniques, Software Defined Radio techniques, Digital Communication Theory, DSP Theory, MATLAB.
  • Familiarity with embedded software tools such as GCC, GDB, Make, CMake, etc.
  • Experience with chip development flow/commercialization.
  • Understanding of hardware vs. software trade-offs, and experience in specifying hardware requirements and working with hardware engineers.
  • Familiarity with hardware description languages.
  • Experience in Test Methodologies / Automation; familiarity with Wireless Communications test equipment.
  • Strong mathematical fundamentals.
  • Published scientific/technical articles or presented papers at technical conferences.

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723) empowers a safer, smarter and more sustainable future where technology helps make our lives easier. A leading global provider of microcontrollers, Renesas combines our expertise in embedded processing, analog, power and connectivity to deliver complete semiconductor solutions. These Winning Combinations accelerate time to market for automotive, industrial, infrastructure and IoT applications, enabling billions of connected, intelligent devices that enhance the way people work and live. Learn more at renesas.com. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Renesas’ mission, To Make Our Lives Easier, is underpinned by our company culture, TAGIE. TAGIE stands for Transparent, Agile, Global, Innovative and Entrepreneurial. Our goal is to embed this unique culture in everything we do to succeed as a company and create trust with our diverse colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

We are committed to creating a diverse culture where everyone is included and feels a sense of belonging. For more information, please read our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.

This job is no longer accepting applications

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