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Technical Evangelist - Developer Advocate



Software Engineering, IT, Legal
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Posted on Sunday, January 1, 2023

Developer Advocate is an engineer with a strong technical background in the field of software development, DevOps, and IT. Preferably someone that built and shipped applications to prod. 

What really makes a great developer advocate?

-A true desire to constantly learn more.

-Thinking outside the box

-Building real-world applications

Learning new things and knowing the theory behind them isn’t worth it if you don’t create applications using them. As a Developer advocate, the least you can do is to put yourself in the end developer’s shoes by mastering the product and the platform you are advocating for. This is the moment where your engineering skills will be useful.

Building real-world applications with the tools you are advocating for will also help you better understand their limitations and hopefully suggest some improvements to the engineering team. The job of a Developer Advocate is to also make sure the platform and tools you advocate to provide the best developer experience.

-Sharing and caring

The ability to “share” information with the developers’ community is an essential part of the Developer Advocate role. Developer Advocate loves to share and help others. 

Are you ready for greatness? Join us. 


    • Ability to write clear technical/marketing documents such as blog posts, white papers, and LinkedIn posts.
    • Ability to create demo videos and tutorials
    • Represent the company in webinars, meetups, and conferences
    • Work with the product, marketing, and engineering teams to provide feedback and bring up ideas