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Enterprise Business Development Representative



Sales & Business Development
Posted on Saturday, March 11, 2023
People.ai is the leader in guiding enterprise sales teams on the proven path to pipeline and revenue generation. The People.ai enterprise revenue intelligence platform ensures organizations speed up complex sales cycles by engaging the right people in the right accounts. Through our patented AI technology, People.ai enables sales teams to clearly see whom to engage with in each of their accounts and exactly what to do to deliver the highest yielding deals. Enterprises such as AppDynamics, DataRobot, Okta, and Zoom know that people buy from people, that’s why people buy from People.ai.
At People.ai, we believe that people enrich the world around them in countless ways. We believe that the more time they spend applying their creativity, resourcefulness, and critical thinking to activities that matter most in their professional life, the more effective a professional they become. We're developing a deep understanding of the professional world, mapping people, companies, and the information that flows between them through natural language processing and machine learning. Our team is a diverse, outspoken group of creatives and critical thinkers, hyper-focused on driving enterprise growth. We embrace different. We applaud non-traditional career paths. We're inspired by people who have made processes their own.
The Business Development Representative will collaborate with partners in Marketing and Sales to execute on account based marketing and source opportunities.


  • Partner with AE to execute outbound campaigns into named accounts
  • Build out a target list of contacts for named accounts
  • Conduct account research and build at least four value pyramids and relationship maps for priority accounts
  • Identify and invite key personas to events and executive round tables, and lead follow up to generate meetings
  • Develop and maintain data hygiene processes best practices in regards to lead management and triage.


  • Ability to successfully develop, manage, and optimize lead nurture/cadences using email, phone, and social media (Linkedin/Twitter/Facebook).
  • Ability to multitask and maintain multiple conversational threads
  • Willingness to work across teams to accomplish strategic goals (i.e. sales and marketing).
  • Relentless and competitive drive to complete tasks and find solutions to difficult problems.
  • Ability to learn and adopt new technologies, as well as maintain meticulous attention to detail